Quality of an agency, freelance pricing

An answer in the day

Motion Designer Freelancer for 5 years, and all my clients receive an answer in less than 24h, by email or by phone. I can manage a whole project alone or work with your team on every kind of business related to creating a video, Motion Design 2D et 3D, Illustration… 

Perfect execution and best advice

I am an expert in creating Motion Design content but I also can advise you help you choosing the right artistic direction for your project and your strategy goals.

Efficiency is my priority

Working as a Motion Designer for years taught me one thing : Communication is the key! If we want to reach quality in the final result, it's also important to make our conversations as quality as possible too. Let me guide you into this and then, no more stress, your video will be delivered in time, no matter what.

Follow my Motion Design creating process

Web Avenue Thumbnail - Motion Design 2D
Jte Loge - Motion Design 2D
FoxNot - Motion Design 2D

I can teach you Motion Design secrets

One to one visio call class to learn Motion Design, UX Design and more

Travail equipe Animation Lottie - Thumbnail

Become a Motion Designer as talented as me

You'll be able to:
  • Create your animated logo
  • Create a full 2D or 3D motion design video
  • Create a Figma prototype of your app
  • Create a nice and unique website

They don't regret it...


VinCrea – Motion Designer Freelance

Marseille, France



+33 6 34 23 92 45