Everything started in 2018 when I decided to put 100% of myself into my passion who consists in create by my art as a freelancer. Today, thanks to my expert technical skills learnt during my 5 years of freelancing and my past as a web developper (Degree in computer science), I'm able to create unique animations in order to make your website and your branding alive! 


I love to push myself higher on each project and I'm already exited to work on the next project! 


What can I do for you...

...as a freelancer

It's not just about creating videos. I translate your ideas into messages and I give a soul to your contentwhich making your audience more interested by your services. I'll be there all along the process, from the brief to the delivery.


You can trust me on:

  • Developing your ideas
  • Making a storyboard
  • Creating lovely and unique characters
  • Making a motion design video in 2D or 3D
  • Editing and add Motion Graphics into your existing videos

If you want someone who can be in charge of everything in your project or even someone that can brings specific skills in your teams, I'm the man of the situation..


...as a teacher

I'm an expert in Motion Design and I love to share my skills. For me, it's very important to learn efficiently with fun and that's why I started to give Motion Design and 2D animation classes in Ecole de Condé and MJM school in France since 2022. 


I want to share my experience, so if you are: 

  • School 
  • Professional training center
  • Someone who wants to change his job 
  • Someone who wants to make his passion his new job

Feel free to contact me now, I can manage my schedule as you want.

On my free time


VinCrea – Motion Designer Freelance

Marseille, France



+33 6 34 23 92 45